Jewelry Care

Tangled chains, scratched rings or pendants, prongs that catch on things or yellowing white gold rings are enough drive anyone crazy. Madison Jewelers offers services to help solve these aggravating jewelry issues. Your jewelry can last a lifetime when properly taken care of. Regular inspections and cleaning are a vital part of the longevity of any jewelry item. Here are some tips to properly care for your jewelry.

Jewelry Cleaning

Remove your Jewelry when:

  • working around the house with harsh chemicals or wear protective gloves
  • In the swimming pool or hot tub, chlorine products will break down jewelry alloys
  • bathing
  • putting on lotion, perfume, hairspray, or other beauty products
  • At the gym if lifting heavy weights.
  • When working in the yard or wear protective gloves

While these are all good instances to remove your jewelry, every time you take off your jewelry because you are worried about losing or damaging it you are much more likely to lose the items than if you left them on. It is vital to have your jewelry appraised AND insured

Store your Jewelry properly

  • Keep jewelry separate to avoid scratching
  • A home safe to keep valuables including your jewelry is always recommended with jewelry items individualy boxed or bagged
  • Hang chains or bag them separately with clasp just outside the bag
  • Use an organized jewelry box or armoire – a safe when available is recommended
  •  Make sure they are insured and appraised

Special Care Gemstones and Jewelry

  • Emeralds– Emeralds are durable but because of natural internal characteristics it requires special care. Emeralds should not be exposed to extreme heat. Brush using cold water.
  • Jade– Wipe with a damp cloth then dry thoroughly. Avoid harsh chemicals, ultrasonic cleaners, and steamers
  • Marcasite– These stones are set with jeweler cement. Soaking and exposure to heat can loosen the stones. Wipe with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly.
  • Opals– Soak briefly in cold water. Dry them thoroughly. Avoid harsh chemicals, extreme heat, hot water, ultrasonic cleaners, and steamers.
  • Pearls-Wipe your pearls with a damp cloth to remove
    perspiration, oil or any other residue. For regular
    cleaning, wipe with a damp cloth. Dry completely
    with a soft cloth. Avoid heat, hot water, steamers
    or ultrasonic cleaners along with cosmetics and
    hairsprays. Don’t soak in water.
  • Costume Jewelry– Costume jewelry often uses jeweler cement. Wipe with a damp cloth and dry thoroughly. Avoid Ultrasonic cleaners and steamers.
For more information visit our Virginia Beach Jewelry Store. We proudly offer Connoisseurs Jewelry Cleaner.
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