Our appraiser works out of our location every Tuesday. Give us a call or stop by our store to discuss your needs for a jewelry appraisal.

Madison Jeweler’s appraisals are performed by a Graduate Gemologist. Our appraiser has attended and graduated the most extensive classes from GIA (The Gemological Institute of America). We use only high quality testing equipment to test your jewelry. An insurance appraisal from Madison Jewelers will ensure that, if an item of jewelry is lost or stolen, you will have all the necessary information to accurately replace the item in question.

Have you recently inherited jewelry from a loved one, or received a beautiful ring or gem pendant as a gift? There is no doubt each item of jewelry you own has a story, and carries great sentimental value. The actual monetary value of your diamond earrings or engagement ring may not matter to you, but at Madison Jewelers we strongly advise customers to get appraisals on all heirlooms and other jewels. A concise report from an experienced gemologists benefits you in many ways.

  • Helps determine the proper amount of insurance needed
  • If stolen, properly identifies your jewelry
  • Helps in Managing your Estate
  • Give you piece of mind that your jewelry is properly insured


Why you Need an Updated Appraisal

If an all gold item was appraised in 2006 and the gold market was $350.00 per ounce the value of that piece has increased over twice its appraisal value. That is why you should get an updated Appraisal TODAY!

5 year gold chart why you need updates Appraisals

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