We Pay More for Gold

Madison Jewelers is not a pawn shop or some “here today, gone tomorrow” hotel room-sale company. We are a small, family-owned jewelry store in Virginia Beach that remembers what is to be a small, independent business. We offer our customers all the same products and services as the large box stores, but work with much more reasonable profit margins. We want every customer to be satisfied with their experience here at Madison Jewelers, whether selling gold or purchasing new jewelry. We’ve been buying gold for years now and have been very busy since January of 2008, when the gold market was at its highest point.

Why We Pay More for Your Precious Metals

Madison Jewelers is a small family owned business with all the buying power of our larger competitors and because we see larger numbers of customers selling precious metals in the form of jewelry and coins we work on volume pricing. How does this benefit you when selling your jewelry of coins? We see each and every transaction as an opportunity to gain a new customer on the selling and purchasing end. Because of this we are always looking to pay more than our competitors so we are still making money but giving you the most we can so you will recommend us to your friends and continue to return to our store.

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