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The professional and experienced staff at Madison Jewelers is happy to assist you with Rolex repairs in Virginia Beach.

Full service on your Rolex watch starts at $595.00. Servicing of your Rolex watch includes a complete movement service, new gaskets, water testing and complete exterior case and bracelet refinishing by our CW21 Watchmaker. When having a Rolex watch serviced it is imperative to use only genuine Rolex replacement parts to complete any service and our watch makers stock most commonly used Rolex Service replacement parts. Worn or damaged parts that must be replaced will be specified in an estimate provided prior to completing the service on your watch. Additional charges for these parts will be stated in the estimate. Average completion time is 4 to 5 weeks.

All times are for “Complete Overhauls”. Some repairs may need replacement of unusual parts, not covered in the “Complete Overhaul”. Unusual repairs may take longer due to special ordering of these parts.

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Most Rolex parts are kept in stock.

Every owner of a Rolex (or any high grade Swiss wristwatch) should protect his or her investment by servicing and maintaining its original standards of timekeeping. We believe only Rolex genuine replacement parts should be installed by a trained expert watchmaker whenever service is performed on your Rolex Service.

A typical Rolex watch movement contains over 200 components. The edge of the tiny balance wheel in the movement travels the equivalent of 23,300 miles over a five year period. It records 86,400 seconds every day. Like any precision mechanism, your watch movement requires proper care and periodic maintenance.

Rolex recommends servicing your watch every five years. This is important because the movement is lubricated with 5 different oils. The viscosity of these lubricants changes over time, impeding the accuracy of your watch and increasing the probability of worn parts. Think of it as changing the oil in your car’s engine.

Many steps are performed during the proper service of your watch. The procedure begins with a complete disassembly of your watch and a thorough examination of all its components. Any part showing wear should be replaced along with all the gaskets used to prevent moisture from entering the case. All components are ultrasonically cleaned to remove all contaminants and dried or congealed lubricants.

Once the movement is fully cleaned and any worn parts replaced, the movement is reassembled and lubricated with the proper grade of oils. Next, meticulous setting of the timing adjustments is completed.

While the movement is being serviced careful attention is given to the case and bracelet to restore its original luster. These components of your watch are also cleaned ultrasonically to remove contaminants that will accelerate wear if not removed. Any bracelet parts showing excessive wear will also be replaced.
Your wristwatch must undergo several tests after the many servicing steps are completed. A pressure test is performed to verify the case, crown and gaskets are protecting the movement from moisture to a standard equal to that when your watch was new. A simulator test verifies the watch is winding and performing within standards in the same conditions as if it were being worn on your wrist.

When your watch is returned to you it will be fresh, clean and performing to its original standards. You will likely have the same pride in your investment the first time you put it on your wrist after servicing as you did when you first purchased it. A one year warranty on the movement is included with every full service.

Is your watch crystal scratched, cracked, or more than 10 years old?

Replace it with a genuine Rolex crystal. Watch crystals are the most vulnerable part of your timepiece. Crystals are easily subjected to damage just from everyday wear. Many older watches have acrylic (plastic) crystals while modern Rolexes use synthetic sapphire crystals. Acrylic crystals are easily scratched or cracked and are subject to aging from the effects of ultraviolet light from the sun and exposure to chemicals commonly found in many cleaning products. Sapphire crystals are much harder to scratch and break and are resistant to the aging process. The exception to the aging process with sapphire crystals is the gasket between the crystal and the watch case. The crystal gasket should be changed at least every other service even if the sapphire crystal shows no damage.

Your acrylic crystal can be replaced starting at $150.00. Your synthetic sapphire crystal can be replaced starting at $225.00

Madison Jewelers is not an authorized Rolex dealer.

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