Watch Repair Virginia Beach

Madison Jewelers offers complete Watch repair services on most watch brands and models. We also service Rolex Watches as well as many other Swiss Timepieces. Below are some of the services we offer:

Complete Movement Services Include but are not limited to the following:
  • Complete disassembly of the watch case and movement
  • Replace worn components: Gaskets, seals, screws, etc...
  • Complete reassembly of movement, greasing, oiling, and meticulous adjustment of the components.
  • Control magnetization
  • Ultrasonic cleaning and inspection of case / bracelet
  • Reassembly of dials, hands, control of holding and parallelism
  • Control water-resistance of the watch at maximum depth +25%
  • Control and adjust bracelet and clasp
  • Control Functions of the watch including rate, amplitude and power reserve of the movement
  • One-Year Service Guarantee*

Not every watch requires a complete service when an issue is discovered.  Sometimes what you need is some targeted TLC for your time piece.  If a “Complete Service" is not exactly the right solution, we also offer a variety of “A la carte” services as a cost effective alternative to a “Complete Servicing”.
 Minor/Maintenance Service
  • Timing Adjustment/Regulating
  • Lubrication of The Escapement
  • Straightening of The Hairspring
  • Control water-resistance of the watch
  • Clean/Inspect Case & Bracelet

Here are some additional services that that you can add-on to a “Minor/Maintenance” or can be offered individually.
  • Oscillating Weight Axle Adjustment/Replacement  
  • Crystal Replacement
  • Gasket/Seal Replacement
  • Debris Removal
  • Hand Replacement
  • Re-Lume Hands
  • Dial Cleaning/Restoration
  • Bracelet Adjustment, Sizing and Repair
  • Battery Replacement and Re-Seal
  • Laser Welding/Case Repair
  • Fabrication & Other Custom Modifications
  • *DLC Coating
  • *Mission Impossible
  • *Find Me A Unicorn!
  • And Many, Many More...  Just Ask Us!   
*  ​Please contact us for more info on these services.​
**Complete Movement Guarantee**
After a complete service, your movement is covered by a one-year Service Guarantee. This guarantee excludes any damage or deterioration that results from an accident or from mishandling of the watch, shock or impacts and water damage. Any intervention by a non-authorized third party or the addition of any aftermarket parts or accessories will void the Service Guarantee


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