Rolex Appraisals

Rolex watches are valuable assets and just like other valuables it is important to have them properly insured. An up to date insurance appraisal will insure that you have you can replace your watch in case of lost, theft, or damage. When we sell a Pre-owned Rolex Watch it will come with a free appraisal. If you have purchased a watch somewhere else or received an heirloom watch we can help make sure it is properly insured. Rolex appraisals can be done quickly and in some cases do not require you to leave your watch.

Appraisals will Include

  • Case or Model Number
  • A Photograph of your watch
  • Serial Number
  • Style of watch
  • Replacement Value
  • SAMPLE APPRAISAL ——We will give you a new image for this for a watch

Why you need an Appraisal

  • Helps determine the proper amount of insurance needed
  • If stolen, properly identifies your jewelry
  • Helps in Managing your Estate
  • Give you piece of mind that your jewelry is properly insured

Rolex watch Co. has had at least one if not two price increases in the MSRP of Rolex watches every year. This would make a watch purchased five years ago irreplaceable at the same purchase price at that time. It is vital to keep your Rolex or any high end watch properly insured to protect your investment in such an item should you incur damage or a loss of the watch. That is why you should get an updated Appraisal TODAY!

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